Silkworm chrysalis sterilized with our unique process. Effective for fishing spots they are full of little bait stealing fish, when you are after the bigger carp or sea bream. The chrysalis can also be cut down to a smaller size to fit any situation.

NET Weight150gPCS/CASE15


Carefully selected chrysalis quick frozen live, trapping in the taste into a frozen pack. The softness and taste of the bait is the same as live chrysalis. Specially treated silkworm chrysalis that sea bream and carp will swallow them down without any hesitation.

NET Weight50gPCS/CASE30


Each kernel has been removed by hand to preserve the tip cap that holds the corn on the hook. Its great holding power also keeps the corn safe from small pesky fish. The corn has also been enhanced with amino acids to make sure fish will gulp it down!

NET Weight100gPCS/CASE24


Made from high quality sweet potato mashed together to form a sweet paste, irresitable to carp. Roll into a small ball and place on your hook when you are going after smaller size carp, or mix in other attractants to get the attention of BIG carp!

NET Weight180gPCS/CASE20


A carp hook bait made from specially selected sweet potato and brown sugar to produce a bait that's ready to go straight from the bag. Just cut it into small peices to fit your hook. Great for when the carp are feeding from summer to Autumn.

NET Weight200gPCS/CASE20


Easy to use paste bait, made using MARUKYU's unique process into small pellets. The pellets are ready to go on the hook, straight from the bag. Packed full of Silkworm Chrysalis and KATSUO, it gets the fish feeding.

NET Weight60gPCS/CASE30


A highly concentrated (10x) liquid additive made to spice up paste baits. Made from crab and silkworm crysalis amino acids, pepitides and sugars, it attracts carp and stimulates feeding.

NET Weight400gPCS/CASE20