M.S.P(S)RED (CODE:0664)

MARUKYU Synchronized Pellets(M.S.P) are pellets developed by MARUKYU that imitate krill. They sink slowly in the water at the same speed as krill. We have confirmed a lot of M.S.P particles in the stomach of caught fish. This is a groundbreaking product that easily stimulates bites and activity of the fish by simply adding it into your regular attractant bait.

NET Weight270gPCS/CASE20


Blackfish's activity changes with the water and air temperature, when they are inactive adding this attractant will get the fish active and feeding again. It also make the bait hold together well for long casts.

NET Weight500gPCS/CASE30


Highly concentrated fish extract liquid based bait additive. Blackfish's favorite bait krill, has been especially concentrated to 10 times it normal strength. Simply mix it with your favorite burley or dunk your hook baits in for unbelievable results.

NET Weight400gPCS/CASE20


Krill bait that doesn't need a freezer. Keeps perfect at room temperature, and is great for fishing in winter, on long fishing trips or for those early morning starts. Enhanced with feeding stimulating amino acids, just mixing it in with your normal bait will have all the fish in the area feeding.

NET Weight1,500gPCS/CASE15


A highly attractive krill extract, made by concentrating 3kg of fresh krill down to 1/3 of its original size. Simply mix into your powder baits to attract more fish. In a handy pouch great for those long fishing expeditions.

NET Weight1,000gPCS/CASE18