MARUKYU has been specialising in silkworm chrysalis baits for many years. In Japanese they are know as SANAGI. MARUKYU is famous in Japan for is high quality SANAGI baits. Almost all of MARUKYU's baits include a certain amount of silkworm chrysalis.
MARUKYU has developed many individual different types of silkworm chrysalis baits for a wide range of situations.They can be used individualy or also used as a secret ingredient in your own special mixes.
SANAGI work great as bait because of their high protein content, and their distinctive smell. Fish are naturally attracted to high protein sources, and the smell of silkworm chrysalis also holds a special attraction to them.Great for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. SANAGI has an amazing attractant effect on freshwater fish like carp, crucian carp, minnow and also on saltwater fish such as sea bream, mullet, etc.


There are basically 3 different types of SANAGI produced by MARUKYU:
*Dry powdered bait. The powder form of silkworm chrysalis is used to enhance your own bait. Chrysalis are a naturally heavy bait suited for SOKOZURI (bottom fishing), however MARUKYU has also developed a light chrysalis powder which can be used when fishing mid-water.
*Minced - frozen or dry. Minced chrsyalis is more coarsely ground then the powdered form and can be used in a wide variety of fishing conditions.
*Whole - frozen, bottled or fresh. Whole chrysalis are perfect as an on-hook bait. They come in either a bottled or frozen form. MARUKYU even has a range of silkworm chrysalis that are grown especially for fishing bait, and frozen to preserve their freshness.