Looks Like the Real Thing

CORN is a very popular bait. MARUKYU CORN is so realistic you may want to eat it yourself. Identical to natural corn but with many advantages. It is resistant to small fish nibbling at it and you can wait for the larger fish that you are targeting It is much more attractive to fish than natural corn because it has been boosted with special amino acids and extra corn flavoring

Available in singles and triples in 3 colors to make it suitable for many species and styles of fishing. Single type usualy used MATCH style and the Triples are often used Hair Rig style for European carp fishing.

  • Spec
  • Color Chart
Size Code Color NET Weight PCS/CASE
SINGLE 7196 YELLOW 16 Pieces 10
SINGLE 7239 RED 16 Pieces 10
SINGLE 7241 WHITE 16 Pieces 10
TRIPLE 7197 YELLOW 10 Pieces 10
TRIPLE 7240 RED 10 Pieces 10
TRIPLE 7242 WHITE 10 Pieces 10