Attractive Action In The Current

ISOME (Sand worm) is one of the popular saltwater fishing baits around the world. The realistic worm shape and natural movement makes it look alive and attractive to the target fish. The fish can't resist the unique flavor and smell which is pleasant to humans and It overcomes the negative reaction often made by women and beginners.

In 2 size and 5 colors so you can choose your worm to fit the target fish and the method you are using. L size match many kinds of rig, ISOME rig ,Downshot rig, Jig head rig,running leger or paternoster styles. When you rig up your MARUKYU ISOME it may be cut to any size you wish XL size is for big fish and can be used with many styles as suited to your requirement.

  • Spec
  • Color Chart
L 7085  IS-01 NATURAL PINK 15 Pieces 10
L 7086  IS-02 BROWN 15 Pieces 10
L 7087  IS-03 WHITE 15 Pieces 10
L 7088  IS-04 RED 15 Pieces 10
L 7089  IS-05 GREEN 15 Pieces 10
L 13587  IS-06 GLOW PEARL 15 Pieces 10
L 13588  IS-07 GLOW LEMON 15 Pieces 10
L 13589  IS-08 GLOW ORANGE 15 Pieces 10
L 13590  IS-09 GLOW RED 15 Pieces 10
XL 7090  IS-01 NATURAL PINK 8 Pieces 10
XL 7091  IS-02 BROWN 8 Pieces 10
XL 7092  IS-03 WHITE 8 Pieces 10
XL 7093  IS-04 RED 8 Pieces 10
XL 7094  IS-05 GREEN 8 Pieces 10